How to check for plagiarism online

How to check for plagiarism online

Plagiarism is described as the act of presenting somebody's words or even ideas just as if they were their own. Nevertheless, plagiarism and copyright infringement can certainly take several unique forms. Checking plagiarism online is one of the important ways to protect your valuable work. There are a number of ways to check plagiarism online –

  • The first one is checking the work by using "". This site enables you to type in your URL or even text and it also will next discover the sites which can be using either particular or similar wording. This naturally saves you time and effort and work.
  • Another method is to check the concerned websites. If you find copied content on one of these blogs, use the link at the top to contact Google.
  • The final option is to go through your content and pick out some phrases or sentences that you feel may be unique on your copy. Highlight and also copy the written text. Now navigate to the Google search. Then paste your text inside search field. You will get the list of websites from which the phrase has been copied.

There are a number of websites that help you in making your research paper unique by removing plagiarism issues from it. is one such platform that helps you in making your work original and unique.

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