Plagiarism: How to act if your research work is stolen

Plagiarism: How to act if your research work is stolen

Plagiarism is the act of stealing a person’s work. Whether it is an essay, thesis or dissertation, any work or a part of work that is found to be copied from another source is considered to have plagiarism issues. Plagiarism is a considered as illegal action, where the person will punished against copyright law. To protect the original work of the author from copying, one should report plagiarism, in case they found their work to be copied by others. Especially, students who write thesis and dissertations should keep their work original and unique. Otherwise, it will be rejected by the university, which leads to the cancellation of the research paper. You can take help of various tools and software programs to make it free from plagiarism.

There are a number of websites that provide plagiarism removal tools to make your work original and unique. One such platform is, where you will be provided with a variety of tools and techniques to make your work original. You can send your work to them to remove the plagiarism issues in your work. Most of the times, it happens that your thesis might have plagiarism issue, despite of trying your best. You may unknowingly add some lines or phrases from other sources, which will lead to plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism in your academics, it is essential to cite the sources in your thesis. Citation plays a very important role in making your work original and removing plagiarism issues.

If you found that your work is copied or used by somebody else, then you should take some action to protect your work. Below is the guide that will help you in reporting plagiarism.

  • It is better to act and report immediately that your work has been plagiarized. The process of plagiarism report should be completed as early as possible. The more time you waste, the more it becomes complicated to report this issue.
  • You should document al your findings while report about the plagiarized work. You should save all the screenshots and necessary documents from offending websites.
  • You should contact the offending website immediately by using contact form or giving your comments in the comment box.
  • Most of the websites act immediately and remove the content, when you inform of the plagiarism issue. The copyright act of 1998 provides severe consequences for copyright infringers.

If all the above methods are unsuccessful, you should go for the method of litigation which will result in huge penalties for the offenders.

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